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In the documentation at:

http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/httr/httr.pdf, it only says that:

Further parameters, such as query, path, etc, passed on to modify_url. These parameters must be named.

Then in the section for modify_url, it says:

components of the url to change

There is also an example:

# You might want to manually specify the handle so you can have multiple
# independent logins to the same website.
google <- handle("http://google.com")
GET(handle = google, path = "/")
GET(handle = google, path = "search")

But (like many examples in R documentation, LOL!), the example didn't say much about the difference between using path = "/" vs path = "search".

So, what is path for?

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It's the "part" part of a URL is the part after the host name including the "folders" and "page name." So the first example accesses the main page of google http://google.com/ while the second accesses the main search page http://google.com/search (in this case they end up going to the same place). But if you wanted a particular page, say "new.html", it would go in the path of the URL. – MrFlick Jul 11 '14 at 4:33

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