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According to this link I need to Query the web browser object for nsIWebBrowserPrint. Call the nsIWebBrowserPrint::Print() method supplying a print settings object (e.g. that returned from nsIWebBrowserPrint::GetGlobalPrintSettings)


nsIWebBrowserPrint prt = myBrowser as Gecko.nsIWebBrowserPrint;

returns 0


nsIWebBrowserPrint ip = Xpcom.GetInterface<nsIWebBrowserPrint>(myBrowser);

throws an exception (value cannot be null)

Using Geckofx 29 and xulrunner 29


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var print = Xpcom.QueryInterface<nsIWebBrowserPrint>(_browser.Window.DomWindow);

In case it's helpful to you, here is how you can go on to get the print settings:

var service = Xpcom.GetService<nsIPrintSettingsService>("@mozilla.org/gfx/printsettings-service;1");
var printSettings = service.GetNewPrintSettingsAttribute();
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