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I'm just mucking around a bit with HTML5 canvas and painting. I happened to find this article by Opera that describes well how to set up a simple application.

I would like to extend it so that the user may set up a vanishing point (1 point perspective) that may be used to constrain painting. To allow this I need to figure out a way to define some modifier keys to limit the result (ie. constraints map as (key=>axis) a=>x, s=>y, d=>z).

Is there some way to check out which key the user has pressed while handling the "mousedown" event?

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AFAIK it only will work when the document have focus.

You should add a listener to the body attending for the key press event, when it has triggered, you store it in a variable emptying it afterwards when user triggers key release, an example should be like this :


then you only should identify evt.keyCode and act with it.

You could try third party libraries like shortcut.js too.

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Thanks! You pointed me to the right direction. I ended up using "window.onkeydown" and "window.onkeyup" handlers. I'm not sure if that's the optimal solution but that appears to work just fine in this case. shortcut.js looks somewhat interesting too. I gave it a go initially. The problem was that it did not support release event. Otherwise it looks like a cool library. – bebraw Mar 18 '10 at 16:30

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