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I am using the datatable v1.10.0 that is not working in IE8. IE8 gives error that "JSON" is undefined.

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What versions of everything else are you using? A little sample code and HTML will avoid your question being closed. –  TrueBlueAussie Jul 11 at 6:49
I am also agreed with TrueBlueAussie, yet i have posted an answer check if this solves your issue. –  Jai Jul 11 at 6:52

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You can use a separate library for this for IE legacy browsers. JSON 3 is a modern JSON implementation compatible with a variety of JavaScript platforms, including Internet Explorer 6, Opera 7, Safari 2, and Netscape 6. The current version is 3.3.2.

JSON 3 exposes two functions: stringify() for serializing a JavaScript value to JSON, and parse() for producing a JavaScript value from a JSON source string. It is a drop-in replacement for JSON 2. The functions behave exactly as described in the ECMAScript spec, except for the date serialization discrepancy noted below.

The JSON 3 parser does not use eval or regular expressions. This provides security and performance benefits in obsolete and mobile environments, where the margin is particularly significant.

For more info go here: https://github.com/bestiejs/json3

You can include it with IE comment inclustion format something like this:

<!--[if IE]>
   <script src="json3.js">

above will be executed for IE browsers only.

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Thanks, I added json3.js. Its working for me. –  Ravi Agrawal Jul 11 at 7:10
great and glad to help you @RaviAgrawal. –  Jai Jul 11 at 7:16

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