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The application uses Xamarin.Android, which may be a big problem in itself. The problem is that sometimes it just quits (process is being terminated) and there's nothing in the log that can be associated with it. (although I guess that it's related to running out of memory, but I can't yet prove it — according to DDMS, most of the times all is OK, and if Xamarin.Android uses another pool of memory, then I don't know how to measure it)
I've searched the code base for "Environment.Exit" and, of course, didn't found anything.
What are the options for finding the culprit of such thing?

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You could try to use the garbage collector by yourself. Just run


The Runtime instance has also a method to read the free memory space. So you could figure out by yourself whether it's a memory problem.

EDIT: Oh I read that Xamarin uses the C# language. But I'm quite sure that C# has similar methods.

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C# has similar method for running GC and if I remember right, for read free memory space too I will try doing it, thanks for the idea –  Sarge Borsch Jul 11 '14 at 7:12
Great. I hope you'll figure out the problem. Unfortunately I'm not fit with Xamarin. I just had a memory problem with a fragment which displays a few more images. I solved it with calling the garbage collector on deleting the fragment by myself. –  boeserwolf91 Jul 12 '14 at 9:29
Seems like it crashes much less often when forcing GC each 5 seconds, which is strange and it makes me think that monodroid GC is broken –  Sarge Borsch Jul 12 '14 at 11:01

When you say log, are you referring to an application log, or the device log?

When tracking down these sorts of bugs, I've always found aLogCat invaluable.

I open it, clear all the current logs, then use my application up to the point where it crashes. Then I quickly go back to aLogCat, pause it and scroll up to where the error is - it's usually found in the nearest red/orange blocks.

There's a blog post here about how I found attributes left out by the Xamarin linker using this method.

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"Application log" includes messages from "LogCat", and I checked both of them. –  Sarge Borsch Jul 12 '14 at 10:59

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