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I am using Sqlite database in my WPF application. I run my application of let's say 16hours. I need to store every second data. For that what I have done , i store my data in a list and then save it,let's say every 4 sec and then I clear that list.

Now, to retrieve 16 hrs data(around 58000 rows), database takes a lot of time. So what I was thinking is to store ,lets say 20mins, data as a string.so that way I will have 20 mins data in one row only. My data consists only double and integer values. Will it be a good way to store the data as string.

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Your question is un-answerable because a) we don't know enough details to provide an answer and b) it is primarily opinion-based and therefore off topic for this website. –  Sheridan Jul 11 '14 at 11:54

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