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So, firstly, here's an Atom feed snippet which I am trying to parse:

<feed xmlns="">
        <title>Title Here</title>
        <link href=";amp;ref=rss" rel="alternate" />
        <link href=";amp;ref=rss" rel=""/>

I pull the Atom feed like so,

// In controller index method
@rss = SimpleRSS.parse open('')

Then I output the response in the view, which I am writing using Haml, as follows:

- @rss.entries.each do |item|
    = item.title
    = //outputs the first link

I could run a second loop for the links but is there a way to get the second link without it? Like reading the "rel" attribute and outputting the correct link? How do I do this in Haml/Rails?

EDIT: The gem i am using:

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I'm not familiar with that gem, but have you tried item.links to see if each item provides a collection of links?

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aah no...that outputs nothing – fenderplayer Mar 18 '10 at 13:40

I have never used SimpleRSS but maybe you could give Nokogiri or Hpricot a try? You can than run an XPath query to only select the link with the right attribute. An example with Nokogiri:

atom_doc = Nokogiri::XML(open(""))

Don't forget the namespaces if you are parsing an Atom feed.

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