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hi i want to burn my audio files into CD. Is it possible to do programatically. I heard about ICDBurn. But not gettng that much idea when reading MSDN. I am from embedded domain.

Can u give some help or sample program. I want to implement in VC++ or qt.

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Try to look at IMAPI (Image Mastering API) in MSDN.

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Ya i saw that also.. But i think its more complicated than ICDBurn. My need is to burn CD only. some body told me implementation of ICD burn taks less time only. – Sijith Mar 18 '10 at 12:08
As for ICDBurn it seems a sample is here (…) present. The sample is in C#, but I think there will no be dificulties lo learn it. – VitalyVal Mar 18 '10 at 14:03

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