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Is it possible that someone could clarify or advise how to convert the following macro into a function with C programming.

#define kc_vSetParam(mI,mV)      kc_au8KostiaData_g[mI] = (mV)


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why would you want to do this? –  nobalG Jul 11 at 8:55
@nobalG: Probably because macros are evil?!... –  Deduplicator Jul 11 at 8:56
You can only do so successfully, if you know what types the two parameters have, and kc_au8KostiaData_g is a gloal (shall that suffix signal a global?). If all preconditions met, just use an inline function. –  Deduplicator Jul 11 at 8:57
Probably the OP wants to do this because he wants to avoid creating a lot of setter functions.. still I dont think it's a good idea –  KeillRandor Jul 11 at 8:58

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Assume your array' element type is int.

extern int kc_au8KostiaData_g[xxx];

void ArrayDataSet(unsigned int index, int value)
    kc_au8KostiaData_g[index] = value;

Can this help?

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Thanks Richie.Wang. Perfect. works brilliantly –  poluasa Jul 11 at 10:18

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