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public IQueryable<Users> SelectAdmin<TProp>(string sSortExpression, string sSortOrder ,long[] IAds, int iStart, int iEnd, long iId)
        var param = Expression.Parameter(typeof(Users));
        var propExpression = Expression.Lambda<Func<Users, TProp>>(Expression.Property(param, sSortExpression), param);
        if (sSortOrder == "asc")

            return objCouponUow.Repository<Users>().Entities.Where(x => x.UserGroup == 9 && x.Validate == 0 && x.Deleted == false && IAds.Contains(x.UserParent)).OrderBy(propExpression).Skip(iStart).Take(iEnd - iStart);


this is my function .. i Am getting the error in line :

  var propExpression = Expression.Lambda<Func<Users, TProp>>(Expression.Property(param, sSortExpression), param);

When the 'sSortExpression' which is a column in Users Table is of Type Varchar , No Problem But If its Int type.. Error Occurs Expression of type 'System.Int16' cannot be used for return type 'System.Object'

How can i Correct this problem?

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The problem here is that <Tprop> is not of the Type Int16 and the string you are passing which is a columnname of the type Int16

You can simply specify the <Tprop> wherever you are calling the function SelectAdmin<TProp>.

for example:

`SelectAdmin<int>(.......your parameters here);`

if the sSortExpression is of the Type int16. If it is of the type DateTime you can call like this

 SelectAdmin<DateTime>(.......your parameters here);
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By a chance you dont assign there an object(sSortExpression), cause you said it is a column, maybe u assigned item object collection as int, so got error.

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@wolks sSortExpression is a string which is a column name. if the column is of type string.. Works perfectly. But when it is of type Int. Error occurs. What could be the solution ? – NoMan Jul 14 '14 at 4:49
@NoMan but users is an object, right? Maybe it is somewhat connected... at objCouponUow, look through it, and check if there isnt errors. – Imants Volkovs Jul 16 '14 at 6:13

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