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Dear Struts 2 and JSP experts,

I can't figure out how to display on the same page a resource bundle key several time but with different locales.

Resource Bundles:

#Global messages
global.label = Texte en Français

#Global messages
global.label = Text in English

Expected result:

    <td>Texte en Français</td>
    <td>Text in English</td>

What is the best way to handle this use case with Struts 2 or JSTL ?

Thanks for your help,


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You can use S2 <s:i18n> tag for that which allows the <s:text> tag to access messages from any bundle, and not just the bundle associated with the current action.

<s:i18n name="global_fr">
    <s:text name="global.label"/>

<s:i18n name="global_en">
    <s:text name="global.label"/>
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Thanks a lot for your quick reply ! I didn't know I could use <s:i18n> tag to force the name of the bundle; bundle of a specific locale in my case. – bgillis Jul 11 '14 at 11:57
Load resource bundle that is already loaded. – Roman C Jul 11 '14 at 14:59

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