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I'm designing a REST API using JAX-RS 2, RestEasy 3.0.7 and JAXB to represent my resources as JSON and/or XML.

Currently, I use my JPA entities as REST resources, but I'm not sure if it's a good practice. The code gets confusing due to many annotations. So, the same class contains annotations from JPA, Bean Validation and JAXB.

I'm also planning to use HATEOAS links and, with this approach, and I would create a list of links in my entities. But I think it's not a good idea mixing it.

Is there a standard way to design REST resources classes? Is a good idea reuse JPA entities? Or is better create new classes for REST resources?

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If you

  • control all clients
  • can coordinate updates with all consumers
  • can coordinate updates to the underlying database
  • want a fast turnaround time

it seems ok :-)

You should always know your API consumers, to inform them in case of changes, planned or unplanned.. So it is always advisable to use some required registration from the beginning.

Later on when you need to decouple those, change the REST API and database independently, want to introduce some business layer in between, want to split your functionality across some services/modules you can always

  • copy those classes and remove the JPA annotations on one copy and the JAXB annotations on the other and introduce some mapping in between

or if you just want to support multi versioning for clients

  • use XSLT-stylesheets for XML preprocessing to support old clients

so it is no dead end.

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Generally if your project is rather small and you do not have much business logic and dependencies between REST and ORM layer it seems fine.

If your are planning to expand application, use modules for different functionalities and so on I would suggest to make another objects for front tier and map them to your model.

For this you can use nice mapping framework -> Orika

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