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I am trying to imitate Apple's iMessage application in terms of the message input toolbar. Apple has a UIToolbar which is the input accessory view of a UITextView it contains, and also the inputAccessoryView of the actual view. That way, the toolbar is always present, and when the keyboard appears, it slides with the keyboard.

On the iPad, they seem to have a UISplitViewController, and the toolbar is part of the detail view controller. Now, when I have the same set up, my detail view's input accessory toolbar stretches to the whole width, so just like the keyboard, it also overlaps the master view controller. Apple, on the other hand, somehow managed to restrict the input accessory to the constraints of the detail view.

How can I do that?

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That's not possible to have inputAccessoryView only for one viewController in UISplitViewController. My way to do it is to have inputAccessoryView as container and have subview in it with 320px offset.

 - (void)setFrame:(CGRect)frame
        CGFloat superviewWidth = self.superview.bounds.size.width;

        CGFloat offset = 321.f;
        frame.origin.x = offset;
        frame.size.width = superviewWidth - offset;

    [super setFrame:frame];

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