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This question already has an answer here:

Im try to build a loop for create a keyfream prefix like this

@mixin animate_caption_keyfream($Sleft, $Eleft){
    @each $vendor in ('@-webkit-', '@-moz-', '@-ms-', '@-o-', '') {
      #{$vendor}keyframes mymove {
          from {left: $Sleft;}
          to {left: $Eleft;}

And Im call this mixin by

@include animate_caption_keyfream("0px","200px");

but its give me an error

"Syntax error: Invalid CSS after \"\": expected selector, was \"@-webkit-keyfra...\"\

if i try to remove a quote for a @-webkit-keyfreams its will give me an error tow..

how I can resolve this error thanks,

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check this out:, there's already a gem for that.

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