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I am developing a VOIP application using Ngn Stack library in android. I am getting the issue in receiving the caller's number as I got my own number displayed instead of the caller's number at both the below statements.




---->which receiver id,not caller id.

The bellow code snipet is Part of class

public static NgnAVSession takeIncomingSession(NgnSipStack sipStack, CallSession session, twrap_media_type_t mediaType, SipMessage sipMessage){
       **Log.e("99", "Inside NgnAVSession sip message ="+sipMessage.getSipHeaderValue("f"));**

        NgnMediaType media = NgnMediaType.ConvertFromNative(mediaType);
        if(media == NgnMediaType.None){
            Log.e(TAG, "Invalid media type");
            return null;
        synchronized (sSessions){
            NgnAVSession avSession = new NgnAVSession(sipStack, session, media, InviteState.INCOMING);
            if (sipMessage != null){
            //     avSession.setRemotePartyUri("sip:tushar@");
            sSessions.put(avSession.getId(), avSession);
            return avSession;

Please anyone help me how I will resolve this issue and get correct caller id/details. Thanks in Advance.

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I didn't find any solution and finally i have made a webservice to get caller name.

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