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I have a requirement ,where in I want to populate the label for an accessor from resource bundle ,but its not populating with the value for the key provided in the label .

The portal bundle has following entry:

CUST_ADD=Customer Address

and I'm using the below piece of code in the pagedef.xml to render Customer Address on the UI

          <Item Value="custAddList"

But it is giving following error on UI :

STRINGMANAGER: Key: '#{adfBundle['PortalBundle']['CUST_ADD']}' not found in bundle 'oracle.javatools.resourcebundle.ResourceBundleRT'

Can any one tell me how do we populate this label from resource bundle.

Thanks, Garima

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adfBundle is not populated inside pageDef, use it in jspx pages –  Amr Gawish Jul 13 '14 at 4:14

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use below command


adfBundle needs to be registered name in resource bundle

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