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Tableau seems to think that Scotland is a State rather than a country. I'm trying to highlight the country Scotland as well as other countries but I can't. It does recognize Scotland at a State/Province level. Is there any way I can change the settings so I can show it as a country?

Thank you,


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It's only possible to set an entire field Geographic Role. Meaning, if in your data the "Scotland" entry is in a field (let's call it "Location") where you have typically states or provinces, you won't be able to tell Tableau that "Scotland" is a Country and other entries are States/Provinces. Only thing you can do is tell Tableau that "Location" hold Country information. For that, right click on the field, go for Geographic Role, and select Country/Region.

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Another way is you can change the default type of dimension and set is as country as whole. and then if the problem still persist you can edit the location after the map is plotted. HTH

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