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I'm providing a Plnkr link: http://plnkr.co/edit/G4evTU?p=info

I am building an application using AngularJS. I had no problems so far, until I had to implement a sort of gallery using Fancybox. My gallery can have an "unlimited" number of images, so i'm only loading them 30 by 30 (10 by 10 on the plnkr). I'm using an Angular module called ngInfiniteLoop to load more images when the user scrolls, but when he navigates through the images using the Fancybox interface, the loading did not occur. I was first using ngx-library, and I switched back to a "homemade solution" since ngx is not handle the beforeLoad callback.

My new Fancybox directive is almost working, but i can't manage to have my images linked between them (indeed, i can't navigate using the arrows).

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance.

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hey i checled plunker , i have similar requirement but in plunker grouping is not working next/prev is not there !!i have similrat issue if ido that with jQuery class base initialization then it is grouped . –  simmi simmi Oct 30 at 6:50

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