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Im trying to make a gradient that emits from the middle of the screen in white, and turns to black as it moves toward the edges of the screen.

As I make a "normal" gradient like this, I have been experimenting with different shapes:

<shape xmlns:android=""
    <gradient android:startColor="#E9E9E9" android:endColor="#D4D4D4"

When using the "oval"-shape I at least got a round shape, but there were no gradient effect. How can I achieve this?


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You can get a circular gradient using android:type="radial":

<shape xmlns:android=""
    <gradient android:type="radial" android:gradientRadius="250"
        android:startColor="#E9E9E9" android:endColor="#D4D4D4" />
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Not only did it work, it also solved world starvation! Thanks! – pgsandstrom Mar 19 '10 at 10:30
@sandis best comment ever – Mario Lenci Jun 1 '12 at 16:23
Side note: It is also possible to use the transparency-byte in the color. #ff00ff00 to #7f0000ff will fade from fully-opaque red to semi-transparent blue. – Simon Forsberg Jan 7 '13 at 17:36
android:gradientRadius="250" will be ignored. You should point to a dimen resource with a px or dp value, like: android:gradientRadius="@dimen/gradient_radius" – Bolling Mar 3 at 21:20
Thanks Bolling, you're right that the android:gradientRadius="250" doesn't work at all, I guess it behaved differently on older Android versions. – Justin Apr 22 at 14:58

I guess you should add android:centerColor

<shape xmlns:android=""
  android:angle="0" />

This example displays a horizontal gradient from white to black to white.

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This answer should be marked as the solution. No matter that you want to make a radial gradient, do a horizontal one! – erdomester Sep 19 at 18:38

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