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I'm trying to run mrjob example from IPython notebook

from mrjob.job import MRJob

class MRWordFrequencyCount(MRJob):

def mapper(self, _, line):
    yield "chars", len(line)
    yield "words", len(line.split())
    yield "lines", 1

def reducer(self, key, values):
    yield key, sum(values)  

then run it with code

mr_job = MRWordFrequencyCount(args=["testfile.txt"])
with mr_job.make_runner() as runner:
    for line in runner.stream_output():
        key, value = mr_job.parse_output_line(line)
        print key, value

and getting the error:

TypeError: <module '__main__' (built-in)> is a built-in class

Is there way to run mrjob from IPython notebook?

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