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If I have previously defined color variable like this:


How would I use it in heredoc:

    cat << EOM

    [colorcode here] USAGE:


I mean what should I write in place of [colorcode here] to render that USAGE text red? ${txtred} won't work, as that is what I am using throughout my bash script, outside of heredoc

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You need something to interpret the escape sequence which cat won't do. This is why you need echo -e instead of just echo to make it work normally.

cat << EOM
$(echo -e "${txtred} USAGE:")


but you could also not use escape sequences by using textred=$(tput setaf 1) and then just use the variable directly.

textred=$(tput setaf 1)

cat <<EOM
$tr USAGE:
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Great. Is there a way to preserve formatting, because right know as it is, it moves USAGE text to the right? –  branquito Jul 11 at 15:35
Sorry it does not now, when I use ${tr} instead of $tr. It was because of space I needed to insert beetween $tr and USAGE. –  branquito Jul 11 at 15:36

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