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So I am working on a program that needs to scan a file with a format that causes trouble when I use the awk function.

Basically, the trouble I am having is that there are repeats that I don't want to have. For example, file looks like this:


I do a line by line search for the string "abcd", and I only want it to give me the first line, not both. Is there anything I can add to the awk function so that it searches for just the thing I'm looking for and nothing more?

I apologize if this question is dumb, but I really couldn't figure out a way to search for the problem I'm having online, and from what I've read about awk, I couldn't find a way to fix my problem.

I also cannot edit the file at all, unfortunately.

Thanks for the help!

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What do you do in your awk script when you find that line? Are you looking for many different "first lines" or just one? –  Etan Reisner Jul 11 '14 at 16:16

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Just an another way,

awk '/(^| )abcd( |$)/' file

It prints the line which contains the string abcd preceded by a space or a starting pattern and followed by a space or an end pattern.


  • (^| ) Matches the start of a line OR a space.
  • abcd Matches the Literal abcd.
  • ( |$) Matches a space or a line end.
  • | called a logical OR operator.

If a line matches the above mentioned pattern then it will be printed. You don't need to specify '{print}'. AWK would do it automatically.

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this one worked perfectly! The other answer, for whatever reason, did not work in the context of the rest of my program. (The program is a bit more complicated than the way I wrote it above.) Anyways, this worked great, so thanks a bunch!!! –  jj172 Jul 11 '14 at 16:29
Also, do you think you could briefly explain what you're doing with the added inputs? I'd like to understand the process behind why this works. Thanks! –  jj172 Jul 11 '14 at 16:31

You can do:

awk '/^abcd$/' file

or you can do

awk '$0=="abcd"' file

or if its the second field that needs to be only abcd not abcde

awk '$2=="abcd"' file

All this will only match abcd and not abcde

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