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I'm debugging a website for a code written by somebody else. Typically I used bootstrap for responsive rows and columns but I believe this site is built on zurb-foundation.

Here is the url of the page. (www.edcast.com/privacy)

screenshot for a a visual of what i mean.


I will play around with this, but having a second eye and some other input would be highly appreciated!

Update: So far I've tried changing "overflow: visible" to hidden and auto I've also tried to apply a clear: both to a variety of different divs

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If you take a look at the image I posted below, you can see that the div with the id image-top-div is pushing everything over. You will need to resize the image and play with the margin and padding. You can see me here in the gif taking out the margin-left which solves it. enter image description here

Website screenshot

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a picture of what happens when I typed the code above in console. imgur.com/Ko7hl2b it just seems to say "undefined" I did however find out the problem starts at 450px width or smaller –  tonesbonesjones Jul 14 at 15:20
@tonesbonesjones That just means there were no elements that were wider than the page. There was padding on one of your divs that was pushing everything over, I updated my answer to reflect that. –  773 Jul 14 at 16:03
I tried testing with padding-right: 0px in the browser. It didn't seem to work, but I appreciate you trying to help me on this. :) i.imgur.com/N7M948t.png –  tonesbonesjones Jul 14 at 19:15
I also found this archived on stackoverflow Archived Solution I'm currently testing each one of the methods mentioned @773 –  tonesbonesjones Jul 14 at 19:45

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