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I am trying to add an ice candidate to an existing RtcPeerConnection in Dart in the following way:

var rtcIceCandidate = new RtcIceCandidate({...});

This always throws an exception at runtime when having the code compiled to JS:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function index.js:8391
J.addIceCandidate$1$x index.js:8391
WebRtcStreamManager.handleMessage$1 webrtcstreammanager.dart:172
(anonymous function) VM780:2
invokeClosure_closure0.call$0 js_helper.dart:1804
_IsolateContext.eval$1 isolate_helper.dart:432
_callInIsolate isolate_helper.dart:30
invokeClosure js_helper.dart:1804
(anonymous function)

This error started popping up when I upgraded dart to a newer version. The version that is failing is 1.5.3. Not quite sure anymore on the version number where it still worked.

I already tried using JsObject to directly interface to the JS RTCPeerConnection and RtcIceCanidate, but no luck. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong here? Or is it just a bug in the Dart compiler?

All my code is available at: https://github.com/nevers/dart-webrtc

In order to test it, compile index.dart, run server.dart and open two browser instances to localhost:1337

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