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I am trying to unit test using the Mock module with pytest.

I want os.path.isdir() to return False, and os.mkdir() not to run; I just want to verify the correct arguments are passed to it.

I think you only need to look at set_path method

My app:

import pytumblr, os, sys, prowlpy, json, collections
from urllib2 import urlopen
from time import sleep
from apiclient.discovery import build

class Site(object):
    """A generic site."""
    def __init__(self, user):
        self.user = user

    def set_path(self):
        if os.path.isdir(self.user_dir):            # if user dir already exists
            print "**Directory already exists: ", self.user_dir
            os.mkdir(self.user_dir)                 # else create user dir
            print "Created Directory: ", self.user_dir

class Tumblr(Site):
    """A tumblr blog."""
    type = "tumblr"
    type_dir = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), type)
    def __init__(self, user):
        super(Tumblr, self).__init__(user)
        self.user_dir = os.path.join(Tumblr.type_dir, self.user)

My test always fails as shown below here:

import tumblrip_new as tum
import mock

    def test_create_new_user_dir(self, mock_path, mock_os):
        """Creates a directory if one does not exist."""
        t = tum.Tumblr("username")
        # directory does not exist:
        mock_path.isdir.return_value = False

Output shows the reason for the failure:

_mock_self = <MagicMock name='os.mkdir' id='33647664'>
args = (<MagicMock name='os.path.join()' id='33568048'>,), kwargs = {}
self = <MagicMock name='os.mkdir' id='33647664'>
expected = "mkdir(<MagicMock name='os.path.join()' id='33568048'>)"

>   ???
E   AssertionError: Expected call: mkdir(<MagicMock name='os.path.join()' id='3
E   Not called

build\bdist.win32\egg\mock.py:831: AssertionError
===================== 1 failed, 3 passed in 0.22 seconds ======================
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I fixed it in the following way:

def test_create_new_user_dir(self, mock_os, mock_path):
    """Creates a directory if one does not exist."""
    t = tum.Tumblr("username")
    # directory does not exist:
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