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Following up a comment from this question: how can I find move constructors in C++ codebase using Clang AST tools? (find definitions / declarations only)

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Do you insist on a Clang answer, or is doing it with another tool just as useful? – Ira Baxter Jul 12 '14 at 20:01
@IraBaxter: this question is about using Clang AST tools, mostly out of curiosity for that toolset, and because someone mentioned it in a comment. I've already solved my original problem using a regex :) See the linked question. – Max Galkin Jul 12 '14 at 21:38
Maybe I misread your question. You want to find the definition of the move constructors, or you want to find where they are used? I can see how a regex might work (in the absence of preprocessor conditionals, includes and macros) for finding the constructor defintions, but I think the (move) constructor calls are not always so obvious in the code, esp. if you are using templates that expand to use such calls. – Ira Baxter Jul 13 '14 at 16:01
@IraBaxter: definitions / declarations only. – Max Galkin Jul 13 '14 at 23:24
OK, then I have nothing to contribute; if your regex solution is good enough, then run with it. – Ira Baxter Jul 14 '14 at 4:02
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The Clang AST matcher now provides this functionality with the isMoveConstructor matcher. Here's an example program:

#include <iostream>

#include "clang/AST/AST.h"
#include "clang/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchers.h"
#include "clang/ASTMatchers/ASTMatchFinder.h"
#include "clang/Basic/SourceManager.h"
#include "clang/Basic/SourceLocation.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/CommonOptionsParser.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/Refactoring.h"

static llvm::cl::OptionCategory ToolingSampleCategory("move constructor finder");

struct MoveCtorHandler : public clang::ast_matchers::MatchFinder::MatchCallback {
    virtual void run(clang::ast_matchers::MatchFinder::MatchResult const& result) override {
        using namespace clang;
        // reject things from include files
        ASTContext *ctx = result.Context;
        const CXXConstructorDecl *decl = result.Nodes.getStmtAs<CXXConstructorDecl>("moveCtor");
        auto loc = decl->getLocation();
        if (!ctx->getSourceManager().isInMainFile(loc)) {

        std::cout << "found a move constructor at "
                  << loc.printToString(ctx->getSourceManager())
                  << std::endl;

int main(int argc, char const **argv) {
    using namespace clang;
    using namespace clang::tooling;
    using namespace clang::ast_matchers;

    CommonOptionsParser opt(argc, argv, ToolingSampleCategory);
    RefactoringTool     tool(opt.getCompilations(), opt.getSourcePathList());

    MatchFinder  finder;

    // set up callbacks
    MoveCtorHandler       move_ctor_handler;

    if (int result = {
        return result;

    return 0;

When applied to the following input:

#include <vector>

struct foo {
    foo() {}
    foo(foo && other) : v_(std::move(other.v_)) {}
    std::vector<int>  v_;

int main() {

It produces the output:

found a move constructor at xxx.cpp:5:5

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