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I'm writing a Linux shell script in which I need to start a new screen session, run a node.js server in the screen, then detach from the screen so that my server runs in the background.

Right now, these are the commands I run manually to do this:

node server.js
[detach screen]

However, I need a way to automate this via the script, and if I just use the above commands in a shell script, it creates the screen and gets stuck there. How can I pass the "node server.js" command to the screen command?


Based on the suggested answer I have a script that works, except that I need to manually create a screen and detach from it before I run it. I tried adding screen -d -m as the first line to create a detached screen, but the script hangs after that line.

indices=`tail -1 debug.log`
cat > $tempfile <<EOF
node server $indices
screen -X readbuf $tempfile 
screen -X paste . 
rm -f $tempfile

How can I create and detach a screen with the script?

This didn't work either: screen screen -d

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Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/20880883/… –  michaelrmcneill Jul 11 '14 at 21:31
That helped me a bunch, except I don't want to run the command in a detached screen. –  Sara Jul 13 '14 at 0:42
So just to make sure I understand, you're looking to run the command in an attached screen, then, when complete, detach from the screen? –  michaelrmcneill Jul 13 '14 at 0:50
This is going to run at reboot, so I'm looking to run the command in a new screen. So basically I want to create a screen, run the command in it, then detach. –  Sara Jul 13 '14 at 0:55

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EDIT: Try this:

cat > $tempfile <<EOF
node server.js
screen -S SessionName -X readbuf $tempfile; screen -RdS SessionName
screen -X paste .
rm -f $tempfile

It should create the temp file, create a screen called SessionName and runs the commands, then delete the temp file. Let me know if that works.

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Thanks that helped, but see my edit above. –  Sara Jul 13 '14 at 0:48
@Sara see my edit, I think this will work for you. –  michaelrmcneill Jul 13 '14 at 1:04
Thanks Michael, but it still has the same problem. When I run it, it does start a new screen but it gets stuck there. But now when I detach from the screen, the command prompt says "No screen session found.\n [detached from 6930.SessionName]" whereas before it didn't say anything. Also, what does -RdS do? –  Sara Jul 13 '14 at 3:05

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