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Here is the code I was given, I am not entirely sure what is the function of runReturn, and the documentation seems a little bit sparse.

I suspect that it is the same as reactor.run() but give back the thread management to somewhere else?

    app=QtGui.QApplication('monitor GUI')  # Create the application
    if reactor is None:  # reactor may be the module twisted.internet.reactor
        import qt4reactor  # Must be after Qt application is created

        from twisted.internet import reactor



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I just did a quick scan through the twisted internet reactor source and I didn't see a reactor.runReturn there. Are you loading the reactor from some other location? –  RoyHB Jul 12 '14 at 7:20
It's a special Qt4 reactor thing. It's not a normal feature of reactors. –  Jean-Paul Calderone Jul 12 '14 at 10:52

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PyQT apps have own event-loop similar(!) to twisted's reactor. Both of them blocking main loop. In another words, both of them want to control whole code flow.

'Using qt4reactor and reactor.runReturn() nails twisted to PyQt. From that point on, Twisted behaves normally as does Qt / PyQt... The way god intended.'

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