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I am working on a web app that has two divs, one by the left and another by the right. Basically d one on the left has a list places and other relevant data which i retrieve thru the fourssquare api and by the right is a google maps which has markers all over it showing the where on the map each placed is located. Now i need help on how to put a tooltip on the markers when their hovered on. Also, i want that when a place is hovered on in the div by the left, its location will show with a tootlip contain relevant info inside it. Also, when a place is clicked on the div by the left, i want just one tooltip of the marker to show and be permanent. But when it is hovered on, it the tooltip shows and doesn't show when hovered out.

I don't know if u get my point but please take a look at this link to get a better idea of what am saying because that is exactly what am tryin to do https://foursquare.com/explore?cat=food&mode=url&near=Lagos.

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