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I have a dataframe and I would like to plot a column in the data frame. expect that I want certain ranges along the column to be a different color in the plot. For ex: the plot should be black but from position 1:100 it should be a different color.

Ideally this will be a function I could just implement. The data frame looks like this, I want to plot column 4 and I would like to use plot in R to do this as well.

                  V1 V2   V3   V4        V5 newcol
1 ENSMUST00000000001  0 6692 3262 66.819600      0
2 ENSMUST00000000010  0   33 2574  0.065572      0
3 ENSMUST00000000028  0 3648 2143 39.598600      0
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Here's one way using base graphics. You just add a column that creates categories based on row number and then color the points by that category. In this case I've used color values (created with the hcl function) as the category names, but you can of course use whatever color function(s) or values you like.

dat = data.frame(y=rnorm(100))

                labels=hcl(seq(15,275,length.out=4), 100,65))

plot(dat$y, pch=16, col=as.character(dat$row.cut))

enter image description here

You can also assign colors on the fly without creating a new variable in your data frame. For example:

plot(dat$y, pch=16, col=ifelse(rownames(dat) %in% c(26:50, 75:85), 
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Thanks for the above response. I found this to work pretty well.

 start = 0; end = 500; col = 'blue'
 plot(file$V4, type='l')
 lines(file$V4, col=col, type='l')
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