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In the below code, Combobox is wired to NameInfo object along with a converter.NameInfoConverter returns a format in which items in combobox are shown in a particular format (for eg: LastName, FirstName (Badge#) )

Now, when I set TextSearch.Text="{Binding NameInfo, Converter={StaticResource NameInfoConverter}, ConverterParameter=true}" on combobox; TextSearch doesn't work. When I set TextSearch.TextPath="Name", search itself works but doesnot get the correct format displayed in the selectionbox of combobox.

Any Ideas?

    <ComboBox x:Name:"cmbName">
                <TextBlock Text="{Binding Name, 
        Converter={StaticResource NameInfoConverter}, ConverterParameter=true}"/>
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You've probably hit a limitation in the API. I suggest you take an alternative route and bind directly to a property that is correctly formatted for your textblock.

If this is a serious app, you may want to look into using the MVVM pattern and place your converted/formatted property in the viewmodel. Otherwise, just create a new property on your databound class called NameInfo or something and do the conversion from that.

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