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Whats is the best way to execve() from lisp code in SBCL lisp implementation? Or maybe there is one good way working with all implementations?

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There is external-program that provides a portable way to run well... external programs in Common Lisp. It does the job for me, abstracting away the trivialities of the various interfaces provided by compilers is often a good choice, and in regard to the time execve will take the "performance" loss if there is any is really not relevant here.

If you really only target SBCL you have sb-ext:run-program which is really a complicated execve. In my experience it still runs programs through /bin/sh and may do PATH lookup anyway so it might not end up being exactly an execve.

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sb-ext:run-program doesn't go through /bin/sh. The source clearly says that "RUN-PROGRAM uses fork() and execve() to run a different program." However, the manual page which you linked to does mention that "The sbcl implementation of run-program, like Perl and many other programs, but unlike the original cmu cl implementation, copies the Unix environment by default." That might give the impression of running through /bin/sh sometimes, since some of the environment stuff would be there. –  Joshua Taylor Jul 12 '14 at 16:10
My bad it is external-program that uses /bin/env. Source –  thodg Jul 22 '14 at 3:10

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