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If I run knife node show nodename -l the values I am looking for are displayed.

But in a recipe if I reference the node attribute it has no value.

knife node show nodename -l
Node Name:  mynode
          val1 'a'
          val2 'b'

But from the recipe

log node['level1']['level2']['tags']
{ 'val1'=>'a', 'val2'=>'' }

What should i be referencing in my recipe so that the recipe reference of the attributes match what knife node show displays?

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Can you show your entire recipe please? –  sethvargo Jul 12 at 15:48
Sorry, fake snippet illustrating the problem is the best I can do. This attribute is set in the recipe in the following manor. node.default['level1']['level2']['tags']['val2']='b' –  mpechner Jul 13 at 16:55
Unfortunately I am unable to help you without more information then. –  sethvargo Jul 13 at 17:13
What specifically are you looking for? If you are asking for something other than how I am setting the val and querying the value, you have suspicions as to what you think I might be doing wrong. –  mpechner Jul 14 at 18:00
I asked to see your recipe and you refused. –  sethvargo Jul 14 at 18:55

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