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If i want to set a colour property to something thats non-standard (i.e. not something like clBlack or clRed) how can i do this? Can i set something like hexadecimal colours?

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RGB in Windows.pas

function RGB(r, g, b: Byte): COLORREF;

you can cast the result to be a TColor.


MyColour := TColor(RGB(Red,Green,Blue));
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you can use $00BBGGRR

BB = Blue
GG = Green
RR = Red

All these values can between 0 and 255 ($00 and $FF)

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I tried this, but it worked for me only if I used $FF on the beginning - so $FFBBGGRR – Asped Jan 12 '14 at 16:04

I always used RGB macro:

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