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I'm running a simple test to list an objects attributes.

require 'spec_helper'

describe 'List Movies' do 
    it 'Lists all movies' do 

        movie1 = Movie.create(

            title: "Iron Man",
            rating: "PG-13",
            total_gross: 10000000


        movie2 = Movie.create(

            title: "Super Man",
            rating: "PG",
            total_gross: 120000000


        movie3 = Movie.create(

            title: "Spider Man",
            rating: "R-16",
            total_gross: 30000000


        visit movies_url

        expect(page).to have_text("3 Movies")

        expect(page).to have_text(movie1.title)
        expect(page).to have_text(movie2.title)
        expect(page).to have_text(movie3.title)

        expect(page).to have_text(movie1.title)
        expect(page).to have_text(movie1.rating)
        expect(page).to have_text("10000000")


It comes back to me with uninitialized constant Movie.

so i run a generator.

rails g model Movie title:string rating:string total_gross:decimal --no-test-framework.

I run the test again, rspec spec/features/list_movies_spec.rb.

Yet, still the same error, i've done this a hundred times before, why is it not recognizing the model after running the generator?.

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Is this a new app using Rspec 3.0? If so, you should be requiring 'rails_helper' instead of 'spec_helper'. – Dylan Markow Jul 12 '14 at 3:52
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As of Rspec 3.0, running rails g rspec:install creates a rails_helper.rb file now to be used instead of spec_helper.rb, so you should be requiring that instead at the top of your specs:

require 'rails_helper'

You'll see that the Rspec generator actually still created a spec_helper file, but that file does nothing; it's mostly commented out. rails_helper is where the Rails environment (which includes your models) is loaded.

The reasoning for this is that you may have specs that don't need to load the entire Rails stack, so those specs can continue to use the spec_helper file. There is an upgrade guide for moving from rspec-rails 2.x to 3.x

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Hey Dylan, do you know how to get rid of that massive stack dump that runs on the test? – Spencer Hire Jul 12 '14 at 4:13

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