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My application supports IE7+, MOZILLA and other modern browsers. Anybody know of a very good browser detection and redirection PHP class? I came across this, but I am not sure if anybody used this:



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All you need is get_browser() and a recent browscap.ini that maps the user-agent string to a browser/version and its capabilities. You can get a usually very up-to-date browscap.ini version from http://browsers.garykeith.com/downloads.asp


WURLF is the ultimate way for mobile browser detection and a PHP API is available


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According to a link on the redirected page mentioned above: "This site and related update URLs will be disabled on 30th March 2014. Visit Browscap.org for all new updates. You will need to update any scripts to use the new URLs." –  marklark Feb 19 at 17:41

Use PHP get_browser

get_browser — Tells what the user's browser is capable of

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