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I am writing an application which uses the GDCM library. I save image from DICOM using Python as show in example. But this image is different from the image made ​​by imagemagick-convert. How to get the same result as from imagemagick-convert?


UPD: my DICOM file

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looks like homework to me. what DICOM file did you try ? –  malat Jul 12 at 9:49
Added the DICOM file above –  adv Jul 12 at 10:03
Your image is encoded with Explicit VR Little Endian transfer syntax (uncompressed) and it contains 2 frames. Each pixel of the image data is stored using 16-bit allocated but 12 bits are used for storing actual image data. So the valid intensity range for image 0 - 4095. –  LEADTOOLS Support Jul 25 at 18:19

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You need to use either gdcm2pnm, or apply the window level using PIL yourself from the above python example.

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Thank you for your reply! But in my DICOM file does not have Window Center, Window Width, Rescale Intercept and Rescale Slope to calculate the display values. –  adv Jul 16 at 3:31
you need to compute a default value then –  malat Jul 16 at 10:23

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