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I have this snip of code I have been using in an alarm script I hacked together and have been using with success for the last year or so. But it has always been limited in the sense that if I specify an alarm duration that would extend beyond midnight, past 23:59, then the alarm simply sounds off immediately.

It has not been a problem b/c most of the time I just set an alarm for 1, 5, 10, 30 or 45 minutes as quick reminders. But now I would like to extend the functionality to extend beyond a day if needed and I am sure it is this snip of code that needs to be modified:

sleep $(( $(date --date="$at" +%s) - $(date +%s) ));

By first running:

15:10 ~ $ $(( $(date --date="23:59" +%s) - $(date +%s) )) ; date
bash: 31706: command not found
Sat Jul 12 15:10:34 ICT 2014

I see that there is 31706 seconds to go until 11:59PM. And then:

15:10 ~ $ $(( $(date --date="00:00" +%s) - $(date +%s) )) ; date
bash: -54637: command not found
Sat Jul 12 15:10:37 ICT 2014

I can see the code does not simply add an additional 1 second to the total number of seconds until midnight (tomorrow), but actually seems to count backwards to midnight that already occurred earlier today, some 15 odd hours ago.

I am unsure about the entire snip of code to be honest. What I wonder is if someone might mind breaking things down for a clearer understanding of what exactly is occurring here so I might be in a better position to modify my script so that it continues to count forward into the future, even beyond timestamps that will go beyond the current day.

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Perhaps post the whole script? – konsolebox Jul 12 '14 at 8:28
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When only given time, that time is applied to the current date, so 00:00 refers to midnight of today's date, which has already transpired. To refer to midnight at the beginning of tomorrow's date, explicitly specify the date as tomorrow, i.e. the whole datetime as tomorrow 00:00:

$ date
Sat Jul 12 10:29:16 CEST 2014
$ date -d "00:00"
Sat Jul 12 00:00:00 CEST 2014
$ date -d "tomorrow 00:00"
Sun Jul 13 00:00:00 CEST 2014

Using that syntax, getting the number of seconds until midnight just works:

$ echo $(( $(date -d "tomorrow 00:00" +%s) - $(date +%s) ))

Note: when run exactly at midnight, this code will print 86400, not 0.

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@user...342: ok that was the ticket and the fix is in. I just a function to prepend $at with the word tomorrow if the duration of alarm time extends beyond 23:59 and it looks like it works. At least the alarm does not sound off immediately and it is still listed as a current process. – ahchrist Jul 12 '14 at 8:55

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