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Hi everyone I'm trying to compare two values using struts2 s:if tag but its not working. If I hardcode the values it works but I want it to be dynamic.

The variable stringValue is of type String. The variable currentLongValue is of type Long.

<s:set var="stringValue" value="order"/>
<s:iterator value="listTest">
 <s:set var="currentLongValue" value="value"/>

 <s:if test="#currentLongValue.toString() == #stringValue" >
   //Do something      
 //Do something else


For the s:if I have tried toString and also the equals(). It only works if I hardcode the values. Example:

<s:if test="#currentLongValue == 1234">

Any clues?

Thank you.

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String comparisons should be done using equals() not ==


public Long getSomeLongValue () {
    Long l = 55l;
    return l;

public String getSomeString () {
    return "55";


<s:if test="someLongValue.toString().equals(someString)">
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Thank you for all your responses. Actually I was hitting the wrong Action handler method, therefore not instantiating bean being used in JSP... silly me. I changed my == to toString().equals() and it works great. Thanks! –  Marquinio Mar 18 '10 at 17:12

What about trying the opposite way?

<s:if test="#currentLongValue == Long.parseLong(#stringValue)" >

A side note: I've never used structs2 directly but I worked with grails.. shouldn't you embed the test inside braces?

<s:if test="%{#currentLongValue == Long.parseLong(#stringValue)}" >
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