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How would you read this in English? My concern is with the pointer. Is that pointer associated with char or with string?

Thanks in advance!

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it's a pointer to char parameter named string.


  • char * is the type of the parameter following it
  • string is the name of the parameter (and you should refer to this one in method body)
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The part in parentheses describes the type of the parameter immediately following it—in this case, a pointer to some chars.

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Thanks everybody, you guys are great. Believe it or not I have been coding with Objective-C for awhile now. It's snippets of code & syntax like this that sometimes confuse the hell out of me. I finally had to brave up and ask the question. And I'm coming from a C background which i haven't touched in 16 years. –  iWalter Mar 18 '10 at 16:34

string is just the name of the parameter.

The type of the parameter is a pointer to a char.

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The parameter is a C string, which is also named string.

[obj initWithName: "whatever"];

C strings are a '\0' terminated sequence of chars, and are declared as char *.

char *foo = "a C string";
NSString *bar = @"an objc string";
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