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Hi i'm having some problems with Django 1.5. I'm writing a simple template but i can't display an link (href tag) into my page. this is my code

{% extends "forum_base.html" %}
{% load uni_form_tags %}

{% block title %}Lista dei Forums{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<h3><a href="{% url "image_index" %}"></a></h3> >> <h3><a href="{% url "forum_index" %}"></a></h3>
{% for forum in forums %}
<h3><a href="{% url "forum_thread_list" %}">{{ forum.title }}</a></h3>
{% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

i cannot display this line :

    <h3><a href="{% url "image_index" %}"></a></h3> >> <h3><a href="{% url "forum_index" %}"></a></h3>

Can someone explain me where is the error?

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Its a html issue.

<h3><a href="{% url "image_index" %}">YOURTEXTHERE</a></h3> >> <h3><a href="{% url "forum_index" %}">YOURTEXTHERE</a></h3>

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