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I have located the UserID I want in my database but I want to search for the user's PIN in that same row -- is it possible?

I'm using:

tbl1.locate('Column-name' , *Search value*, []);

Now I want to get the value of the userpin column in that same row.

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Sorry, I'm having difficulty understanding what you are asking when you say "Now i want to search in the userpin column in that same row!" because you don't need to search for it because you're already on the row. Are you asking how to get the value of the UserPin for the current row? If yes use tbl1.FieldByName('userpin') or whatever the column is called. – MartynA Jul 12 '14 at 11:58
Sorry was in a hurry. THanks for the help. I just wanted to locate a unique username in a Column and then if that name was in Row 16 i wanted to search in that row(16) for the unique UserName's pin to compare it to the entered(editbox) pin value. – Cosectan Jul 12 '14 at 12:29
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It's better to use TQuery for this:

var Query : TQuery;
    PIN   : string;

  Query.Sql.Text := 'SELECT pin FROM table WHERE id = value'
  PIN :+ Query.FieldByName('pin').AsString;

Using the Locate is also OK (together with FieldByName), but I prefer to use it only to select the row in an TDBGrid.

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With respect, no it's not (better that is). Please re-read the question: The OP wasn't asking how to find a row with a given userpin, but rather how to get the value in the userpin field of the current row. Btw, your code will just return the pin value in whatever happens to be the first row in the query result set. – MartynA Jul 13 '14 at 9:46

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