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angular-google-maps abstracts the process of creating google markers (ie we don't do it directly via new google.maps.Marker({...});).. that said, there isn't a way for us to simply retrieve the markers pertaining to a google map object nor can we create our own array to store a reference to these markers for later usage (see here)

Is there a way for us to retrieve the gMarkers pertaining to the google map object?

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are you looking for this code?

You can access all markers data using is the sample

for(var i =0; i< allMarkers.length; i++)

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Is this a serious answer? – abbood Jul 14 '14 at 5:59

If you want to get to the raw code of google maps API v3 under AngularJS framework, I suggest you to use ngMap,

You can access the markers as $scope.markers as documented.

You can also access the map as $, shapes as $scope.shapes.

Here are the demos and documentation

Demo     Documentation

This directive does not watch markers and attributes. It only initialize the google map through the attributes given and let you handle all events with the raw Google maps API v3.

Btw, I created this directive.

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