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I've submitted an app to the store that has been localised into a number of languages. Now it's time to update a few things, so I've added a few new components to a xib or two and modify them as IBOutlets from my code. All works great in English, but when I change to a different language it appears that my nib additions haven't been propagated through the localised nibs that already existed. (I get an unrecognised selector on a UILabel I've added).

What is the correct workflow for adding new items to an already localised nib? Should a modification to the top level .xib carry through to all localised versions? Or should I unlocalize, add new components and then localise all over again?

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Unfortunately there is nothing in Xcode that will automatically keep your localised nibs synchronised. You may want to check out this answer and the blog post by Wil Shipley on possible approaches you could take.

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