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This question already has an answer here:

I tried to finde a solution for my problem but I could not. Probably, my problem is easy for some of you. However, I need support. I would be greatful for any help.

I have made a ggplot for two factors: HGU_type and cycle_complexity to show their proportions:

I used:

g2<-ggplot(t,aes(x=HGU_type,fill = cycle_complexity))+ geom_bar(position="fill") 

The graph, I get looks as follow:

I want to have increasing order of the bars on the x-axis...first bar with "nod", second with "shake", third with "retr"...

I tried everything and cannot find the solution.

I would be grateful for a hint

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Welcome to StackOverflow! Please read the info about how to ask a good question and how to produce a minimal reproducible example. This will make it much easier for others to help you. – Procrastinatus Maximus Jul 12 '14 at 14:19

As @Japp pointed out, it's always best to include a minimal reproducible example with your question. I created this data set

#sample data
    HGU_type=sample(c("jerk","nod","pro","retr","shake","tilt","turn"), 50, replace=T, prob=sample(7)),
    cycle_complexity=sample(c("multiple", "single"), 50, replace=T)

And a plot like your original one is created by

ggplot(t,aes(x=HGU_type,fill = cycle_complexity))+ geom_bar(position="fill")

enter image description here

In order to change the order in which the bars are drawn, you need to change the levels of the factor used for the x-axis. The reorder() function makes it easy to reorder factors based on different properties. Here we will re-order based on the proportion of "multiple" in each group

t$HGU2<-reorder(t$HGU_type, t$cycle_complexity,FUN=function(x) mean(as.numeric(x)))

Then we can plot with

ggplot(t,aes(x=HGU2,fill = cycle_complexity))+ geom_bar(position="fill")

to get

enter image description here

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I am new here and was not sure how does asking questions work in stacoverflow. Nevertheless, thank you so much for your answers. You made my day! – user3832272 Jul 12 '14 at 19:14

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