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I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. I'm connecting to it with Putty 0.63 beta Port 22.

I've installed mysql and php5 and phpmyadmin with apt-get. And now i want to configure it, but the only thing what's shown on the Terminal is "Package Configuration" and " Configuring phpmyadmin " and nothing else. Normally i should be able to set the password, but this isn't possible. The same issue occured with MySQL5.5 configuration wizzard.

I have no idea how to fix this or what the reasons are.

Can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks a lot!

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phpMyAdmin doesn't have a password. It authenticates against MySQL's user table. The package installation for phpmyadmin asks which webserver(s) to use if you have more than one installed and asks you about creating the phpMyAdmin Configuration Storage through dbconfig-common, but I've never seen it ask any further questions.

When you installed MySQL, it should have asked for a root password. Why it didn't is a mystery, but you can run through the configuration again with dpkg-reconfigure. In these cases, I prefer to run it in "low priority" mode where it prompts for pretty much every question and doesn't make any assumptions about my system. You can do that with dpkg-reconfigure -plow mysql-server-5.5 phpmyadmin.

Once it's reconfigured, you'll access phpMyAdmin not through SSH (PuTTY is an SSH client), but through your web browser. http://localhost/phpmyadmin or http://localhost/phpMyAdmin should work (provided you're on the localhost; use whatever your webserver hostname or IP address is instead if needed. I forget if Ubuntu defaults to allowing access from another machine or restricts you to localhost by default).

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