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I'm using PHP to echo a content stored on my database. The content is a DIV carrying any type of data.

The problem is that I don't know the ID and I have some problems with these DIVs if I try to display them more than once.

So, the idea is to modify the DIV id each time I'd like to display them. Something like this:

<?php modify_div_id($data,"id-456"); ?>

How would I go about doing this?

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Do you mean to say you have div tags literally stored in your database? –  Tesserex Mar 18 '10 at 17:04
yes ... i have some fields where we can find divs with their content. –  Zakaria Mar 18 '10 at 17:09

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This is ugly, but i think it works.

function modify_div_id( $data, $new_id ) {
  return preg_replace( '/(<div[^>]+?id=)("|\')(.*?)("|\')/i', '$1$2' . $new_id . '$4', $data );

The best way to go is to use an XML parser to change the attribute.

Edit: the function assumes the div to already have an id attribute.

Edit #2
It seems to be working!

jwandborg@sophie:~$ cat | php -r "eval( file_get_contents('php://stdin') );"
function modify_div_id( $data, $new_id ) {
  return preg_replace( '/(<div[^>]+?id=)("|\')(.*?)("|\')/i', '$1$2' . $new_id . '$4', $data );
echo modify_div_id('<div pajas="pajas" id="fisk">Innehåll</div>', 'nytt_id');

# Result: <div pajas="pajas" id="nytt_id">Innehåll</div>
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Your question is worded kind of vague.

First off, the id attribute for HTML elements must be unique, so echoing a unique id is appropriate (you can also use a class).

If you've queried your database and received back, say, an array containing an id and the content, you can use the function as follows:

function modify_div_id($data, $id) {
  echo "<div id='$id'>$data</div>";

Just an example.

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