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I have an oracle .dmp file, and no access to a local oracle install..

Is there any way I can read the data or open it in another program to see what data is in this file?

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Nope, the .dmp files are generally meant to be read and imported by Oracle's imp tool

If that's it, don't waste your time. DMP files are to be read by Oracle's IMP utility and nothing else (you could, of course, use any editor, but you're close to see nothing useful in there).


Seems if you have a licensed copy of Toad, you can use the DBA utilities to view the files

The DBA utilities in TOAD has File Browser that allows you to view export files. Although I think this function is only available in a fully licensed copy of TOAD.


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If all you want is a feel for what's in there, open it with Vi or Notepad++ or some other reasonable editor and you can see the DDL statements scattered throughout. A lot of the data will be intelligible as well. However, it IS a binary file, so making a lot of use of it is problematic. Also, if it's huge, the editor you use may not be able to handle it, so you might want to use a pager like less.

That said, can't you download the Oracle Client software and install it? The administrator utilities in there include imp/exp IIRC.

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