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I can add links to a MediaWiki sidebar this way:

* some-url|url-text

But how can i add image instead of text without hacking core or standard templates?

I have read this:

But it's just a feature request.

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Three possible approaches:

  1. Write a custom skin, that handles the sidebar any way you want.
  2. Write a tiny extension using the hook SkinBuildSidebar, to handle some custom code for images
  3. Use MediaWiki:Common.js to modify the sidebar using javascript.

I would without doubt go for 2.

edit: Note that some skins might ignore the SkinBuildSidebar hook. As long as you have no custom skins enabled, you should be fine, though.

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ended up with modifying custom skin. – Heihachi Jul 19 '14 at 15:41

here is an example how to override the SkinBuildSidebar hook:

register your extension in the LocalSettings.php file

require_once( "$IP/extensions/my-extension.php" );

hook your function in your extension file ("my-extension.php")

$wgHooks['SkinBuildSidebar'][] = 'myExtension::mySidebar';

add your function

class myExtension {
    static function mySidebar($skin, &$bar) {
// the index of the bar array are keywords that will appear as the heading of the submenu.
//the real value of these keywords are define at:Special:AllMessages
    $bar[ 'my-submenu-title-keyword' ] = '
    <ul style="text-align:center;">
            <a href="myLink...">
                <img style="width:110px;" src="my-picture.jpg" />
    return true;

in the $bar array use for the index the title of the submenu as a string or as a keyword of message (to use with multiple languages) and define the message related to this keyword at Special:AllMessages

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