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I am trying to make an xp kind of bar with javascript and how im thinking of doing this is if the required xp number is 1000, and you start with 0 of course, i need the earned xp number (0 so far or for example you have earned 20 out of 1000) to be calculated into a percentage of the 1000 so it knows how much percent of the 1000 you have earned. not just the example 20 but every number from 0 to the required amount. Sorry this is hard to explain.

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(your xp * 100) / 1000 –  Rami Shareef Jul 13 at 9:23
So you are asking how to do basic math? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent#Calculations –  Felix Kling Jul 13 at 9:23
My son, age 11, could do this in his head. I think you need a basic maths site, not a programming site. –  Mike W Jul 13 at 9:24
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about math. –  Felix Kling Jul 13 at 9:25
Rami, Felix, Mike: It is basic math but it is different to put in coding terms and is not off topic nore am i asking how to do basic math but for terms of putting it in javascript Felix. I am on the right site for this Mike and you have a kid congrats -_- –  user3833917 Jul 13 at 9:43

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Try this,

var outOff = 1000;
var value = 20;
var result = (value * 100) / outOff;
$("#divID").width( result.toString() + '%');
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I have updated my answer. –  Shell Jul 13 at 10:50

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